The effects of hydrogenated tallow amine acetate on rutile and ilmenite surfaces

Köse, Muhterem


Kahraman, Ece; Ögel, Bilgehan; Yasa, Evren; Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (2022-4-25)
Powder bed additive manufacturing methods use the powder form of the material of the part to be produced as raw material. The quality of the production is highly dependent on the properties of the powder used in the first place. Consistently using new unused powder for each new additive manufacturing is costly and removes the advantage of additive manufacturing, i.e. low amount of waste material. In powder bed additive manufacturing methods, powders are laid layer by layer and melted by laser or electron be...
The effects of feed size distribution on confined-bed comminution of quartz and calcite in piston-die press
Hoşten, Çetin; Cimilli, H. (Elsevier BV, 2009-05-16)
Packing characteristics of particle beds, determined mainly by the particle size distribution, exert a critical influence on the interparticle breakage of minerals in confined beds under compression. This paper is concerned with the effects of feed size distribution on characteristic phenomena of confined-bed comminution. Minus 3.35-mm quartz and calcite feeds were prepared by proportionately mixing previously classified narrow-size fractions so as to construct particle size distributions having the Gaudin-...
Measurement of surface tension and investigation of interfacial properties of liquid Cu, Al, and Al-Si, bronze alloys on various refractory oxides
Kalebozan, Halit; Selçuk, Ekrem; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1994)
The effect of reed beds on wave attenuation and suspended sediment concentration
Oğuz, Elif; Koroglu, Aysun; Kabdaşlı, Mehmet Sedat (Coastal Education and Research Foundation, 2013-01-01)
The effect of emergent and submerged vegetation on uniform and oscillatory flow conditions has been intensively studied by researchers in the last two decades. It has been determined that vegetation affects wave characteristics and cause wave attenuation especially in shallow waters where wave orbitals are in interaction with vegetation. Consequently they affect sediment deposition and resuspension acting as a sink. The aim of this study is to determine wave attenuation due to vegetation, and to identify th...
The effect of potassium hydroxide on the polymerization of trichlorophenol, pyrrole and thiophene by microwave initiation
Güngör (Ünsal), Müfide Elif; Kısakürek, Duygu; Department of Chemistry (2008)
The synthesis of black conducting polymer (CP) and/or crosslinked polymers (CLP) and/or radical ion polymer (RIP) and/or white polymers (WP) and/or orange polymer (OP) were achieved by using KOH with TCP, pyrrole and thiophene via microwave energy in a very short time interval. Polymerizations were carried out by constant microwave energy with different time intervals varying from 1 to 25 min; or at constant time intervals with variation of microwave energy from 90 to 900 watt; or varying the water content ...
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M. Köse, “The effects of hydrogenated tallow amine acetate on rutile and ilmenite surfaces,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.