Wet and dry deposition fluxes of pollutants over a black sea forest region

El-Agha, Omar


Radiation effect on polyadenylic acid in aqueous solution
Testereci, H. Nur; Usanmaz, Ali; Department of Chemistry (1993)
Freshwater salinisation: a research agenda for a saltier world
Cunillera-Montcusí, David; Beklioğlu, Meryem; Cañedo-Argüelles, Miguel; Jeppesen, Erik; Ptacnik, Robert; Amorim, Cihelio A.; Arnott, Shelley E.; Berger, Stella A.; Brucet, Sandra; Dugan, Hilary A.; Gerhard, Miriam; Horváth, Zsófia; Langenheder, Silke; Nejstgaard, Jens C.; Reinikainen, Marko; Striebel, Maren; Urrutia-Cordero, Pablo; Vad, Csaba F.; Zadereev, Egor; Matias, Miguel (2022-05-01)
© 2021 The AuthorsThe widespread salinisation of freshwater ecosystems poses a major threat to the biodiversity, functioning, and services that they provide. Human activities promote freshwater salinisation through multiple drivers (e.g., agriculture, resource extraction, urbanisation) that are amplified by climate change. Due to its complexity, we are still far from fully understanding the ecological and evolutionary consequences of freshwater salinisation. Here, we assess current research gaps and present...
Transformation of civil-military relations: an analysis of the officers’ views about the civilianization reform process in Turkey (1999-2016)
Koydemir Avcı, Fatma Serap; Aslan Akman, Canan; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2019)
This study inquires into the impact of the legal and constitutional reforms in civilmilitary relations field in Turkey, enacted since 1999 in order to curtail the military’s political and institutional autonomy on the perceptions of the military officers in terms of the internalization of civilian supremacy. In that sense, this study based on data collected via face-to-face interviews analyzes and reflects the views of a group of mostly high-ranking officers related to the internalization of the notion of d...
Wax deposition in horizontal wells
Ozbayoglu, M.E.; Demiral, B.; Kök, Mustafa Verşan (2000-01-01)
In this research, wax deposition in horizontal well bores was studied. In a horizontal well, the main mechanism for wax appearance is the pressure change rather than the temperature change. Six different thermodynamic models were improved for horizontal wells by adding a pressure function, and a computer program was developed to simulate the precipitation phenomena in horizontal wells. Solid-liquid equilibrium constants for each pseudo-component were calculated. Critical pressures and overall solid mole fac...
Activated carbon-tungstophosphoric acid catalysts for the synthesis of tert-amyl ethyl ether (TAEE)
Obali, Zeynep; Doğu, Timur (2008-05-01)
Catalytic activities of bulk tungstophosphoric acid (HPW) and its supported forms on activated carbon were investigated in the vapor phase etherification reaction of isoamylene with ethanol in a continuous flow reactor. Tungstophosphoric acid (H3PW12O40 center dot 11H(2)O) was supported on activated carbon having a surface area of 796 m(2)/g, at two different loading levels (25% and 31%) by aqueous impregnation technique and the kinetic experiments were done in a temperature range between 353 and 370 K. Sup...
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O. El-Agha, “Wet and dry deposition fluxes of pollutants over a black sea forest region,” Ph.D. - Doctoral Program, Middle East Technical University, 2000.