Design and Optimization of Two-Dimensional Nano-Arrays for Directive Radiation

Altinoklu, Askin
Ergül, Özgür Salih
We consider design, optimization, and computational analysis of nano-arrays involving two-dimensional arrangements of nanoparticles. Similar to their counterparts used at the lower frequencies, nanoantennas can be arranged periodically to achieve directive and/or controllable radiation patterns at optical frequencies. While nanoantenna geometries are usually simple due to restrictions in nanoscale fabrications, their robust analysis still requires accurate simulation tools to model strong plasmonic interactions between particles. We use a full-wave optimization environment based on heuristic algorithms and surface integral equations to optimize two-dimensional nano-arrays and to shape their radiation patterns for diverse nano-optical applications.

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A. Altinoklu and Ö. S. Ergül, “Design and Optimization of Two-Dimensional Nano-Arrays for Directive Radiation,” APPLIED COMPUTATIONAL ELECTROMAGNETICS SOCIETY JOURNAL, vol. 34, no. 2, pp. 347–351, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: