Minimal Page-Genus of Milnor Open Books on Links of Rational Surface Singularities

Altmok, Selma
Bhupal, Mohan Lal


Nonlinearity preserving post-transformations
Sertkaya, İsa; Doğanaksoy, Ali; Department of Cryptography (2004)
Boolean functions are accepted to be cryptographically strong if they satisfy some common pre-determined criteria. It is expected that any design criteria should remain invariant under a large group of transformations due to the theory of similarity of secrecy systems proposed by Shannon. One of the most important design criteria for cryptographically strong Boolean functions is the nonlinearity criterion. Meier and Staffelbach studied nonlinearity preserving transformations, by considering the invertible t...
Minimal page-genus of Milnor open books on links of rational surface singularities
Bhupal, Mohan Lal (2008-01-01)
Modeling of carbon dioxide sequestration in a deep saline aquifer
Başbuğ, Başar; Gümrah, Fevzi; Department of Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering (2005)
CO2 is one of the hazardous greenhouse gases causing significant changes in the environment. The sequestering CO2 in a suitable geological medium can be a feasible method to avoid the negative effects of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. CO2 sequestration is the capture of, separation, and long-term storage of CO2 in underground geological environments. A case study was simulated regarding the CO2 sequestration in a deep saline aquifer. The compositional numerical model (GEM) of the CMG software was used to ...
Bhupal, Mohan Lal (2009-12-01)
We describe open book decompositions of links of simple surface singularities that support the corresponding unique Milnor fillable contact structures. The open books we describe are isotopic to Milnor open books.
An investigation of the effect of origami-based instruction on elementary students’ spatial ability in mathematics
Çakmak, Sedanur; Işıksal Bostan, Mine; Department of Elementary Science and Mathematics Education (2009)
The main purpose of the study was to investigate the effect of origami-based instruction on fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students’ spatial ability in mathematics. More specifically, how origami-based instruction affected students’ spatial visualization and spatial orientation ability was examined. In addition, elementary students’ self-reported perceptions related to origami-based instruction was investigated. In other words, students’ attitude towards origami-based instruction, their views about the bene...
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