The relationship between greater khartoum and it's prephery agricultural land-and a planning model for the development of the region

Mohammad, Mahdi Eltyep


The transformation of urban environment under the impacts of global processes: the development of Levent – Maslak axis in İstanbul and it’s impacts on social resilience
Altay, Deniz; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of City and Regional Planning (2011)
This thesis investigates the transformation of cities under the influence of globalization and the socio-spatial impacts of the process. The thesis asserts that global processes, with their neo-liberal agenda, influence the creation of new urban environments and new conditions of living and working in cities by triggering new dynamics in the functioning of certain urban mechanisms such as labour and land markets, which are conceptualized in the study as ‘urban interface mechanisms’. The thesis also asserts ...
The formation of laborforce and the transformation diversification of economic activities at the metropolitan fringe a case study in Ankara metropolitan area
Emiroğlu (Özgen), Levin; Tekeli, İlhan; Department of City Planning (1987)
The Strategic Importance of Enlarged Black Sea Region for Global Security:A Sociological Approach to Security, Frozen Conflicts, Energy Transportation and Integration to Europe
Aydıngün, Ayşegül (2009-09-25)
The relationship between human and nature -as conceptionalized by the representatives of the selected environmental NGOs in Turkey
Akman, Zeynep İdil; Kalaycıoğlu, Hediye Sibel; Department of Social Policy (2011)
This thesis studies the perceptions of the selected representatives of environmental non-governmental organizations’ (NGO) about the human and nature relationship in Turkey. The representatives of the NGOs’ perceptions about human-nature relationship are studied refering to four dimensions, Production and Consumption processes, Energy Production, role of Science and Technology, and the concept of Sustainability. Approaches of the NGOs about Policies and the Activities of Environmental NGOs in Turkey are als...
The Transformation process of community and neighborhood shopping centers into retail urban voids: the case of Ankara
Imeri, Monika; Uzun, Cemile Nil; Department of City and Regional Planning (2019)
Globalization has brought substantial changes and challenges to the cities. One of the most indisputable features of globalization is ‘the intensification of flows’ which has significantly affected peoples’ lifestyles and consumption patterns. During globalization, peoples’ preference towards retail increased, making the shopping centers significantly attractive. The shopping center has become an example of modern capitalist consumerism. Nowadays there exist different types of shopping centers where each tr...
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M. E. Mohammad, “The relationship between greater khartoum and it’s prephery agricultural land-and a planning model for the development of the region,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.