Socio-Economic transformation in GAP region

Şensal, Müge


Socio-Spatial Construction of Gender in the City, the Case of Rize, Turkey
Vanlıoğlu Yazıcı, Nagehan; Basa, İnci (null; 2019-08-30)
Sociospatial Segregation and Consumption Profıle of Ankara in the Context of Globalization
Akpınar, Figen (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2009)
The ‘’Global City Hypothesis’’ argues that the economic restructuring of the new global economy produces highly uneven and polarized employment structure in urban society (1). Today, large global cities are marked by unusually high levels of income inequality. The significant increase in foreign investment and the arrival of the multi-national corporations along with the major accounting, advertising, and marketing firms and the fashion, design and entertainment industry caused changes both in spatial and d...
Socio-morphological transformations of urban space after the 1980s: a study of İstanbul city core in a comparative perspective
Özdemir, Ayşe Dilek; Aktüre, Sevgi; Department of City and Regional Planning (1999)
Socio-political identity and intergroup perception : the case of "Ülkücü group" in Turkey
Dalmış, İbrahim; İmamoğlu, Emine Olcay; Department of Psychology (2003)
This thesis consists of two studies together with a preliminary study, focusing on the issue of ingroup representation of the ülkücü group. The first study, addressing the problems of stereotype content, stereotype accuracy, and stereotype consensus, was based on in-depth interviewing with twenty members of the ülkücü group. It was hypothesized that the group members, when their social identities were salient, would locate the ingroup within a chronic way of looking at the world, namely the perceived contex...
Socio-spatial impacts of deindustrialization and unemployment case study : Eskişehir
Evirgen, Hilal; Şengül, Hüseyin Tarık; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2002)
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M. Şensal, “Socio-Economic transformation in GAP region,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.