Exploration of structural chaos and anarchy in Sinan's domed structures

Selcuk, SA
Akan, AE
Ünay, Ali İhsan
The master builder Sinan's domed edifices are known as built with structural ingenuity. Remarkable contribution of Sinan to building art and especially to the development of the dome construction is unquestionable as a theme of the history of architecture. Dimensioning of structural components is ingeniously made and the systems cannot be qualified as poorly designed even in the light of contemporary knowledge. This study has attempted to explore the enchantment behind the structural integrity of Sinan's masonry domed structures.


Evaluation of the Predictive Models for Stiffness, Strength, and Deformation Capacity of RC Frames with Masonry Infill Walls
Turgay, Tahsin; Durmus, Meril Cigdem; Binici, Barış; Ozcebe, Guney (American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), 2014-10-01)
Buildings with masonry infill walls (MIWs) in reinforced concrete (RC) frames are commonly used all around the world. It is well known that infill walls may affect the strength, stiffness, and displacement ductility of the structural system. Different approaches have been adopted in different codes and guidelines to consider the stiffness and strength contribution of MIWs on RC frame behavior. This study compares the ability of the existing guidelines to estimate stiffness, strength, and deformability of RC...
Nonlinear reduced order modeling of bolted joints
Karapıstık, Gökhan; Ciğeroğlu, Ender; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2019)
Most of the structural systems assembled by using bolted joints. Therefore, bolted joint models have a critical importance to estimate the behavior of the overall assembled system. There are several linear bolted joint models, which consist of spring and dashpot elements in literature. While they can estimate the resonant frequency of the overall system with a sufficient accuracy, linear bolted joint models are inadequate for approximating the damping, which arises from the friction in the contact interface...
Evaluation of punching shear strength design and modelling approaches for slab-column connections
Zorlu, Merve; Binici, Barış; Department of Civil Engineering (2012)
Flat plate systems are constructed with slabs directly supported on columns. Since there are no beams in the system, the behavior of connections between the slabs and columns play a crucial role. Due to the sudden and brittle nature of punching shear failures, slab-column connection design must be conducted with proper safety precautions. The first part of this study aims to evaluate the safety level of different design expressions in the codes. Fir this purpose, the ability of ACI 318-11, TS-500 and Euroco...
Use of helical wire core truss members in space structures
Işıldak, Murat; Polat, Mustafa Uğur; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
In an effort to achieve lighter and more economical space structures, a new patented steel composite member has been suggested and used in the construction of some steel roof structures. This special element has a sandwich construction composed of some strips of steel plates placed longitudinally along a helical wire core. The function of the helical core is to transfer the shear between the flange plates and increase the sectional inertia of the resulting composite member by keeping the flange plates at a ...
Experimental investigation of uplift on seismic base isolators /
Erkakan, Evren; Caner, Alp; Department of Civil Engineering (2014)
Elastomeric rubber bearings reinforced with steel shims, are used to provide structural support in vertical direction and allow horizontal movements for the structure subjected to earthquake and thermal loads. Generally, it is known that tensile stress or uplift may occur when the structure is subjected to strong ground motion or structure have large height-to-width aspect ratio to develop a stability concern subjected to lateral loads. The main focus of this research is to investigate the change in charact...
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