Empire of Difference: The Ottomans in Comparative Perspective

Şener, Hasan Engin


Scientific note: colony losses survey in Turkey and causes of bee deaths
Giray, Tugrul; Kence, Meral; Oskay, Devrim; Doeke, Mehmet Ali; Kence, Aykut (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2010-07-01)
Contemporary architectural and urban practice requires a permanent connection to other edging professions such as psychology. This paper tries to reveal another specific nature of such a connection, continuing existent scientific studies in the field of architectural and environmental psychology (LeCompte and Yetken, 1975; McMillen, 1975; İmamoglu, 1976, 1986; Sunar and LeCompte, 1977) by trying to import more broadly the perceptual psychology knowledge into the architectural and urban planning science (and...
Mitochondrial DNA variation in honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) populations from Turkey
Kandemir, Irfan; Kence, Meral; Sheppard, Walter S.; Kence, Aykut (Informa UK Limited, 2006-01-01)
We have studied mitochondrial (mt) DNA variation in 334 honey bee colonies from 7 different geographic regions of Turkey. We have evaluated Dra I restriction profiles of the CO-I CO-II intergenic region, Hinf-I and Taq-1 restriction profiles of the CO-I gene and EcoR-1 restriction profiles of the whole mtDNA. We obtained three different mtDNA patterns by EcoR-1 digestion. The pattern typical for A. m. carnica/A. m. ligustica predominated throughout Turkey (327 colonies, 97.9%). We observed the pattern commo...
Multi-sensory autonomous cognitive systems interacting with dynamic environments for perceiving and learning affordances (MACS)
Tekinalp, Ozan(2007-11-30)
In Cognitive Science, an affordance is a resource or support that the environment offers an agent for action, which the agent can directly perceive and employ. Only rarely has this concept been used in Robotics and AI, although it offers an original perspective on coupling perception, action and reasoning, differing from standard hybrid robot control architectures. Perceiving affordances in the environment means perception as filtered through the individual capabilities for physical action and through th...
Analysis of demand and pricing policies in Turkey beer market
Özgüven, Cemhan; Güven, Yusuf Çağlar; Department of Industrial Engineering (2004)
The purpose of this work is to study the beer market in Turkey in respect of demand analysis and with a view to assess whether the marketing and in particular pricing policies adopted by industry players in the period 1997-2002 have been efficient. Of specific interest is the near duopolistic structure of the market and the question whether pricing policies followed during the period 1997-2002 have been determinant in the observed sales volumes. The investigation focuses first on the analysis of the determi...
Standard survey methods for estimating colony losses and explanatory risk factors in Apis mellifera
van der Zee, Romee; Gray, Alison; Holzmann, Celine; Pisa, Lennard; Brodschneider, Robert; Chlebo, Robert; Coffey, Mary F.; Kence, Aykut; Kristiansen, Preben; Mutinelli, Franco; Bach Kim Nguyen, Bach Kim Nguyen; Noureddine, Adjlane; Peterson, Magnus; Soroker, Victoria; Topolska, Grazyna; Vejsnaes, Flemming; Wilkins, Selwyn (Informa UK Limited, 2013-01-01)
This chapter addresses survey methodology and questionnaire design for the collection of data pertaining to estimation of honey bee colony loss rates and identification of risk factors for colony loss. Sources of error in surveys are described. Advantages and disadvantages of different random and non-random sampling strategies and different modes of data collection are presented to enable the researcher to make an informed choice. We discuss survey and questionnaire methodology in some detail, for the purpo...
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