The self-reconfiguration of a holonic hand: The holonic regrasp

Durna, M
Erkmen, Aydan Müşerref
Erkmen, İsmet
This paper uses a holonic hand model introduced in our early works as composed of 2-stems-of-links-1-joint nonconvex biped planar holons corking in colony in order to perform dexterous grasps. This paper focuses on the reconfiguration control of the colony that we structure as a sequence of planar grasp operations defining a holonic regrasp, which uses a graph theoretic formalization of configuration changes that occur in this holonic hand during this regrasping phase.


A preliminary study on the growth of the octopus Octopus vulgaris (Cuvier, 1797)
Gücü, Ali Cemal (1993-01-01)
A new methodology, seasonally oscillating von Bertalanffy growth model, was applied to Octopus vulgaris collected from the W Gulf of Izmir. Paying additional effort to length-weight relationship of this species, its growth was investigated.
The Effect of Labeled/Unlabeled Prior Information for Masseter Segmentation
Tabar, Yousef Rezaei; Ulusoy, İlkay (Hindawi Limited, 2013-01-01)
Several segmentation methods are implemented and applied to segment the facial masseter tissue from magnetic resonance images. The common idea for all methods is to take advantage of prior information from different MR images belonging to different individuals in segmentation of a test MR image. Standard atlas-based segmentation methods and probabilistic segmentation methods based on Markov random field use labeled prior information. In this study, a new approach is also proposed where unlabeled prior infor...
The electronic band structure of AlN, AlSb, AlAs and their ternary alloys with In
Mohammad, Rezek; Katırcıoğlu, Şenay (World Scientific Pub Co Pte Lt, 2006-09-10)
The electronic band structure of AlN, AlSb, AlAs and their ternary alloys with In has been investigated by ETB. The ETB method has been formulated for sp(3)d(2) basis and nearest neighbor interactions of the compounds and its energy parameters have been derived from the results of the present first principles calculations carried on AlN, AjSb and AlAs. It has been found that the present ETB energy parameters can produce the band structure of the compounds and their ternary alloys with In successfully.
The staminal lever mechanism and floral diversity of some bee-pollinated Salvia L. (Lamiaceae) species
Atalay, Zeynep; Doğan, Musa; Department of Biology (2011)
The characteristic staminal lever mechanism is defined as a functional unit including the modification of stamens into lever-like structures, their reversible movement and the organisation with the remaining floral structures and they are involved in the process of pollen transfer. The staminal levers play a major role in the process of pollen deposition on the pollinators’ body and their proportion and interaction with pollinators may have significant consequences for the pollination system in Salvia. In t...
Parametric investigation of a new multi-band metamaterial design: U-shaped multiple ring magnetic resonators
Turkmen, Oznur; Ekmekci, Evren; Sayan, Gönül (2011-07-08)
In this study, a new multi-band metamaterial structure is proposed based on a unit cell that has multiple U-shaped metal rings printed one inside the other. The number of distinct magnetic resonances is determined by the number of U-shaped rings placed in the unit cell. Using three rings in this paper, three distinct resonance frequencies can be shifted to desired values simply by changing the design parameters which are the metal width w, ring to ring separation s, arm length along y axis for each ring (h(...
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