Interview with IABSE Foundation Council Chair, Alp Caner



Determination of a price index for escalation of building construction costs in Turkey
Kahraman, Serhan; Sönmez, Rifat; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
Construction cost indices are developed to measure the degree of price variations in construction material and labor costs. However, each specific type of construction is a combination of unique set of materials and labor. As such, the degree of price variations referring to each specific type of construction shall be measured by specific price indices, in order to achieve more accurate results. In Turkey, Producer Price Index (PPI) published by State Statistics Institute is commonly used for the escalation...
Stiffness formulation for nonprismatic beam elements - Discussion
Balkaya, C; Citipitioglu, E (1997-12-01)
Design provisions for stair slabs in the Bangladesh Building Code
Kilic, H; Citipitioglu, E (1997-08-01)
This paper deals with the current state of the building code provisions for the structural design of concrete stair slabs in general and those proposed for the Bangladesh National Building Code (BNBC) in particular. The design of stairs has not received due attention in most building codes. As a result, stairs, as they occur with a variety of support conditions, are designed based on the individual designer's judgment. This results in considerable overdesign with some particular types of support arrangement...
Seismic performance evaluation and analysis of steel structures with semi-rigid connections
Ön, Selim; Balkaya, Can; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2004)
At the design stage, column-beam connections of steel structures are assumed as fully rigid or as hinges, and the design is completed with these assumptions. On the other hand, in practice, steel column-beam connections show neither fully rigid nor fully hinge behaviour, and the characteristic behaviour of the connections lies between these two special cases. Performing realistic calculation of these forces and knowing the behaviour of structures close to reality will decrease life and goods losses to the m...
Condition factor for seismic performance of deteriorated bridges
Ocak, E. Canan; Caner, Alp (IOS Press, 2019-01-01)
Bridges located at moderately or highly aggressive environments can be subjected to different levels of deterioration. Deterioration can be observed as cracking or spalling of concrete and corrosion of reinforcement. Among them corrosion of reinforcement is the main concern in capacity reduction due to loss of steel area and reduction in yield strength. Corrosion may even induce total collapse of bridge. In many cases, reinforced concrete bridges constructed over rivers exposed to reinforcement corrosion at...
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