Reorganization efforts in the public sector: A position norm analysis study

Sümer, Hayriye Canan
Erol, T
Recently, a call has been made to develop a more systematic approach to human resources management in the public sector. A low-equivalent decision of the Cabinet required all government organizations to do organizational and job analyses and to conduct position norm analyses. To comply with this decision, in many public sector organizations studies that necessitated active participation of industrial and organizational psychologists have been started. The purpose of this study is to describe a position norm analysis study conducted in a public sector organization, which provides technical supervision and guidance to local governments in the establishment of their infrastructure. The techniques used, problems encountered, and solutions developed are discussed along with some critical suggestions for future studies.


Human resources management initiatives in Turkish public sector : an exploratory study
Pembegül, Zeynep; Üstüner, Mustafa Yılmaz; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2013)
In this study, the reflections of Human Resources Management, which is applied in the private sector, to Public Personnel Management and the initiatives of Human Resources Management main tools in terms of flexible forms of employment, norm cadre, performance evaluation and quality at work in public sector, have been analyzed in the case of Turkey. The main goal of this study is to find out if those HRM tools are beneficial to create a more efficient and productive public sector and the effects of those cha...
Downsizing and Restructuring in Smaller Firms Survivors Perceptions
Aşcıgil, Semra Feriha; Sounders, Mark; Thornhill, Adrian (Philosophy Documentation Center, 2008-01-01)
Downsizing is a process whereby human relations management emerges as a critical skill in its effective management. This paper is about perceptions of employees of a small-sized Turkish firm who survived successive downsizing decisions. It was found that downsizing affected the organizational justice-related perceptions of survivors. The questionnaire used to explore organizational justice-related perceptions involved three dimensions and was developed by Saunders and Thornhill (1999). Procedural, interacti...
Implementation of total quality management in public sector: an empirical analysis of a Turkish case
Balcı, Asım; Aksoy, Şinasi; Department of Political Science and Public Administration (2002)
This thesis examines the issues of Total Quality Management (TQM) implementation in a public sector context. After presenting the background, the thesis analyzes special reasons, possible benefits, problems and prospects of TQM related to public sector. Next, quality practices of the Turkish public organizations are reviewed as well. Also, the case study, conducted in the Ministry of Industry and Trade, identifies the degree of TQM adoption and discusses the results through the framework presented.
Leadership competency profiles in complex project management environment
Yılmaz, Fevziye; Çilingir, Canan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2015)
The overall ambition of this thesisis to find out required leadership competency profiles to be successful in complex project management environment. To ensure a complex project management environment, 35 projects that were executed in a company in the field of defense were analyzedbased on complexity factors that are mentioned in literature. By using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), the relative complexity of the projects was measured and projects were grouped as complex or not. By taking into account the...
Competition, Speculative Risks, and IT Security Outsourcing
Cezar, Asunur; Cavusoglu, Huseyin; Raghunathan, Srinivasan (2009-06-25)
Information security management is becoming a more critical and, simultaneously, a challenging function for many firms. Even though many security managers are skeptical about outsourcing of IT security, others have cited reasons that are used for outsourcing of traditional IT functions for why security outsourcing is likely to increase. Our research offers a novel explanation, based on competitive externalities associated with IT security, for firms' decisions to outsource IT security. We show that if compe...
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