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Repetition Rate Tuning of an Ultrafast Ytterbium Doped Fiber Laser for Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy

Keskin, Hakan
Altan, Hakan
Yavas, Seydi
İLDAY, Fatih Ömer
Yagci, M. Emre
Aydin, Ozan
Eken, Koray
Sahin, Behzat
Repetition rate tuning enables the fast acquisition of THz pulse profiles [1]. By using this method we demonstrate a compact and broadband terahertz time domain spectroscopy system (THz TDS) driven by ytterbium doped fiber laser source. The importance of this method is realized in that Yb: doped fiber lasers can be amplified to sub-millijoule pulse strengths more easily than other types of fiber lasers [2]. Hence, it has the potential to be used in excite-THz probe experiments. Furthermore, the repetition rate-tuning adds flexibility in the excite-probe techniques. These attributes as well as THz generation and detection are investigated with the laser that was developed.