On wave damping action of submerged rectangular breakwaters.

Ceylânlı, Ziya


On the effect of time variation of film coefficient upon cooling of a plate by natural convection and radiation.
Sarıarslan, Yusuf; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1976)
On the effect of structural forces on a condensing film profile near a fin-groove corner
Akdag, Osman; Akkus, Yigit; Dursunkaya, Zafer (Elsevier BV, 2020-07-01)
Estimation of condenser performance of two-phase passive heat spreaders with grooved wick structures is crucial in the prediction of the overall performance of the heat spreader. Whilst the evaporation problem in microgrooves has been widely studied, studies focusing on the condensation on fin-groove systems have been scarce. Condensation on fin-groove systems is actually a multi-scale problem. Thickness of the film near the fin-groove corner can decrease to nanoscale dimensions, which requires the inclusio...
On the thermal response of antisymmetric angle-ply laminated plates
Khdeir, AA (ASME International, 1997-03-01)
On the dissociation of natural gas hydrates from surfactant solutions
Karaaslan, U; Parlaktuna, Mahmut (2001-01-01)
Natural gas hydrates from different types and concentrations of surfactant solutions were produced and dissociated in a high-pressure cell. The Clausius-Clapeyron equation was utilized to derive the enthalpy related to the phase transition of the gas component from dissociation data. The results indicated that the phase change enthalpy of the nonionic surfactant solution hydrate is higher compared to that of pure-water and anionic surfactant solution hydrates. Experimental results also show that surfactants...
TOSUN, I; Yılmaz, Levent (Wiley, 1982-01-01)
Fickian diffusion of organic penetrants in glassy polymers is formulated as a moving‐boundary problem, and the effect of concentration‐dependent diffusivity on the concentration distribution is investigated. The solutions obtained for concentration‐dependent and constant diffusivity cases are compared. The results show that the concentration distribution curves differ both quantitatively and qualitatively. It is concluded that the sharp advancing boundary between the glassy and rubbery regions is due not on...
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Z. Ceylânlı, “On wave damping action of submerged rectangular breakwaters.,” Middle East Technical University, 1972.