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Exposure of school children to Pb and Zn in an industrialized city of Turkey

Gaga, EO
Tuncel, PE
Tuncel, Süleyman Gürdal
Blood lead and serum zinc concentrations of school children were determined in Bursa and in a small village nearby. The geometric means of Pb were 4.78 mug/dL, both for the village and city center. Geometric means of zinc were 78.8 mug/dL, and 71.6 mug/dL for the village and city center, respectively. About 8% of the total population had blood lead levels higher than 10 mug/dL, and 28% a serum zinc concentration less than 70 mug/dL, which is below reference concentration. Bivariate analysis indicated a relation between blood Pb, sex of the children and time spent outdoors.