The effects of social contact with gay persons on attitudes toward homosexuality



The effects of social contact with gay persons on attitude change toward homosexuality
Sakallı, Nuray (2000-07-28)
The Effects of sexism and sex role orientaion on romantic relationship satisfaction
Curun, Ferzan; Sakallı Uğurlu, Nuray; Department of Psychology (2001)
The impact of parental control and marital conflict on adolescents’ self-regulation and adjustment
Harma, Mehmet; Sümer, Nebi; Department of Psychology (2008)
The current study aims to increase understanding of influences on and consequences of self-regulation in adolescence. Previous work has shown that higher levels of self-regulation are associated with greater social competence and lower levels problem behaviors. Past studies have posited that parenting and interparental conflict are linked to self-regulation and adjustment in childhood and adolescence. However, the mechanism underlying the potential effects of specific parental behaviors and interparental co...
The impact of perceived parenting styles on attachment styles, self-evaluations and close relationships
Sümer, Nebi; Gungor, D (1999-12-01)
The present study examined the interplay between the perceived parenting styles of the university students and attachment styles, basic self-dimensions, behavior patterns in close relationships, and relationship satisfaction. The findings indicated that parenting styles (authoritarian, authoritative, permissive/indulgent, and permissive/neglecting), which were constructed by crossing perceived parental acceptance/involment and strict control dimensions of parenting were consistently related with the major o...
The impact of adult attachment on partner and self-attributions and relationship quality
Sümer, Nebi; COZZARELLI, CATHERINE (2004-09-01)
This study tested the relationships between mental the models of attachment, the attributions romantic couples make for their own and their partners' behaviors, and relationship quality. Participants (n = 352) who were currently involved in a romantic relationship completed multiple measures of attachment, attributions, and relationship quality. Results revealed that secure people reported less maladaptive attributions than insecure people. In addition, structural model analyses indicated that attachment mo...
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