Ka-Band Phased Array Antenna with Circular Rim

16 x 16 phased array antenna composed of microstrip antipodal tapered slot antenna elements is designed at Ka-band. The array element is designed by using infinite array simulations to approximate the mutual coupling effects to obtain good input match for various beam steering angles in the final array. A circular rim with ground plane is added to the final array to suppress grating lobes appear when the beam is steered. It is shown by simulations that grating lobe is suppressed to a level less than -20 dB at 35 GHz.


An Interleaved LTSA Array on a Waveguide Beamformer with Dual-Plane Monopulse
Gultepe, Gokhan; Dogan, Doganay; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2019-01-01)
A monopulse antenna array is designed by using a novel element combining wideband linearly tapered slot antennas (LTSA) with an interleaved, closely-spaced, travelling wave slotted waveguide array (TWSWA) similar to [1-3]. To decrease the deteriorating coupling between sum and difference rows in previous studies for monopulse operation, adjacent rows of interleaved arrays are designed to have the same amplitude distribution but different propagation constants. So, interleaved arrays generate two simultaneou...
Dual-polarised T/R antenna system suitable for FMCW altimeter radar applications
Secmen, M.; Demir, S.; Hizal, A. (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2006-10-01)
The authors propose a dual-polarised T/R antenna system that utilises a 3 dB 90 degrees hybrid coupler and a dual-polarised antenna. From the practical point of view the T/R isolation performance of this system can be made better than that of systems using circulators. There is no power loss both in transmit and receive modes compared to 6 dB total loss in a conventional system using a hybrid coupler and a single polarised antenna. To validate the system performance, a sample structure is realised for a C b...
A Low-Profile DielectricWaveguide Altimeter Antenna
Haykir, Yigit; Dagdeviren, Birkan; Korkmaz, Anil Direnc; Demir, Şimşek (2020-08-01)
In this paper, design and implementation of a compact, low-profile and low-cost altimeter antenna is presented. A top-open dielectric waveguide is utilized to obtain a radiation pattern that illuminates from 20 to 70 degrees on the elevation plane. The proposed antenna pair can be used efficiently as a radar altimeter antenna in the course of landing. The antenna can cope with high skin temperatures, especially in supersonic flights because a high-temperature resistant dielectric material is used. Satisfact...
Compact and Directional Printed Dipole Antenna Pair Conformed on a Conical Surface
Haykir, Yigit; Kallem, Aydoga; Demir, Şimşek (2021-08-28)
In this paper, a small sized transmitting and receiving conformal antenna pair is proposed on a conical surface for C-band radar applications. The antenna pair consists of printed dipole elements and a truncated reflector plane, printed on a flexible and multilayer circuit board. As the antenna pair is wrapped around a conical surface, it can fit in a very small volume, and yet sufficiently low mutual coupling between antennas can be achieved. The antenna also yields wideband characteristics with a directio...
A Hybrid Antenna Element for Travelling Wave Dual-Plane Monopulse Slotted Waveguide Arrays
Gültepe, Gökhan; Doğan, Doğanay; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2018-12-10)
A novel antenna element for low loss and low-profile dual-plane monopulse arrays is proposed. The travelling wave array has both sum and difference distributions in azimuth. The designed element is the unit cell of an interleaved slotted waveguide array feeding wideband printed antennas via probes inserted into waveguides from the slots. The use of printed antennas enhances the narrow sidelobe and efficiency bandwidth of the closely-spaced slotted waveguide arrays by up to 20%. The unit cells are modelled a...
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