Monopulse Direction Finding For Linear Frequency Modulation Based Frequency Diverse Array

Turhaner, Arsen
Demir, Şimşek
Hizal, Altunkan
Novel methods for monopulse direction finding for linear frequency modulation based frequency diverse array (LFM-FDA) are introduced and experimental results are presented. Amplitude comparison monopulse technique constitutes a part of these methods. Radar operation is continuous wave (CW); in order to apply amplitude comparison monopulse technique on LFM-FDA, specific customizations are suggested, such as null tracking. One of the monopulse direction finding methods is implemented on an LFM-FDA setup. Results show that +/- 2 degrees direction accuracy for approximately 20 degrees beamwidth is obtained for 60 degrees azimuthal angular coverage in anechoic chamber.