Type I interferon associated immune responses In STING associated vasculopathy with onset in infancy (SAVI) patients

Gul, E.
Eroglu, Kara F.
Surucu, N.
Yakicier, C.
Gürsel, Mayda


Type I IFN-related NETosis in ataxia telangiectasia and Artemis deficiency
Gul, Ersin; et. al. (2018-07-01)
Background: Pathological inflammatory syndromes of unknown etiology are commonly observed in ataxia telangiectasia (AT) and Artemis deficiency. Similar inflammatory manifestations also exist in patients with STING-associated vasculopathy in infancy (SAVI).
Prevalence of oral abnormalities in a Turkish newborn population
Cetinkaya, Murat; TULGA-ÖZ, FİRDEVS; Orhan, Ayse Isil; ORHAN, KAAN; Karabulut, Baris; Can-Karabulut, Deniz C.; İlk Dağ, Özlem (Wiley, 2011-04-01)
Early alterations in myocardia and vessels of the diabetic rat heart: an FTIR microspectroscopic study
Toyran, Neslihan; Lasch, Peter; Naumann, Dieter; Turan, Belma; Severcan, Feride (2006-08-01)
Diabetes mellitus is associated with a high incidence and poor prognosis of cardiovascular disease. The aim of the present study was to examine the effect of relatively short-term (5 weeks) Type I diabetes on the left ventricle, the right ventricle and the vessel (vein) on the left ventricle of the myocardium, at molecular level by FTIR (Fourier-transform infrared) microspectroscopy. The rats were categorized into two groups: control group (for the left ventricle myocardium, n = 8; for the right ventricle m...
Causal markers in Turkish cause paragraphs
Uluçay, Çiğdem; Hatipoğlu, Çiler (Peter Lang, 2017-01-01)
Cause paragraphs are the heart of the causal analysis in the academic world. They are the texts that explain and/or describe how things are related and why they happen. Causal markers allowing writers to communicate causal relationships between segments of discourse are an essential part of good cause paragraphs. Lack of, or insufficient and inappropriate use of causals can lead to significant problems related to the cohesion of these paragraphs. Therefore, a detailed analysis related to the patterning of c...
Differentiation of Chronic and Aggressive Periodontitis by FTIR Spectroscopy
Ozek, N. Simsek; Zeller, I.; Renaud, D. E.; Gumus, P.; NİZAM, NEJAT; Severcan, Feride; BUDUNELİ, NURCAN GÜLSÜM; Scott, D. A. (2016-12-01)
Without longitudinal clinical data, it is difficult to differentiate some cases of chronic periodontitis (CP) and aggressive periodontitis (AgP). Furthermore, both forms of disease are exacerbated by tobacco use. Therefore, this cross-sectional study was planned, primarily, to determine the ability of Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy to distinguish CP and AgP patients by analysis of human saliva samples and, secondarily, to assess the potential confounding influence of smoking on discriminatin...
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E. Gul et al., “Type I interferon associated immune responses In STING associated vasculopathy with onset in infancy (SAVI) patients,” 2016, vol. 46, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/56076.