Market positioning of Turkey : a tourism perspective

Bozkurt, Yavuz D


Demand estimation, relevant market definition and identification of market power in Turkish Beverage Industry
Kalkan, Ekrem; Taymaz, Erol; Department of Economics (2010)
This dissertation aims to contribute to the field of economics of competition policy by analyzing the demand structure and the market power in the Turkish beverage industry and in the cola market in particular. First, a demand system for the beverage products has been estimated by using a multi-stage linearized Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS). Using the own-price elasticity of cola in a SSNIP test (Small but Significant Non-Transitory Increase in Price), it is shown that cola market consists of a distinct...
Export behavior of the Turkish manufacturing firms, 1989-2010 period
Demirhan Atabek, Aslıhan; Ercan, Hakan; Department of Economics (2013)
Using firm-level data of manufacturing sector during the period 1989-2010, this thesis explored the export behavior of firms in Turkey. Up to date, Turkey’s export performance has been analyzed from macro perspective extensively. However, far too little attention has been paid to firm-level analysis contrary to ongoing and growing empirical literature. The preliminary analysis revealed the superiority of exporting firms. Both self-selection and learning-by-exporting are found to be valid explanation for the...
Export instability: the case of Turkey
Türker, Dilek; Akder, Halis; Department of Economics (1990)
Market development of renewable energy in Turkey
Demirdizen, Hasan Gence; Tiğrek, Şahnaz; Department of Civil Engineering (2013)
Renewable energy is a current issue in the world as well as in Turkey. Turkey has developing policies in the renewable energy field. Although it is a beneficial mean of obtaining energy, there are barriers on renewable energy production. In order to develop renewable energies, those barriers have to be analyzed and suitable implementations should be developed to overcome them. In this thesis policy and implementation on the renewables are evaluated in general and specially for Turkey. The electricity market...
Firm growth dynamics and employment generation in the Turkish manufacturing industry
TÖNGÜR, ÜNAL; Taymaz, Erol (2019-01-01)
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Y. D. Bozkurt, “Market positioning of Turkey : a tourism perspective,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.