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Protonation of acyl anion equivalents generated from acylphosphonates: nonhydride access to the aldehyde oxidation state from the carboxylic acid oxidation state

Demir, Ayhan Sıtkı
Reis, Omer
Esiringu, Ilker
Reis, Barbaros
Baris, Sehriban
Acylphosphonates, which are easily available from carboxylic acids, are potent acyl anion precursors and undergo cyanide ion promoted phosphonate-phosphate rearrangement to provide the corresponding acyl anion equivalents as reactive intermediates. The protonation of these acyl anion equivalents furnished cyanohydrin O-phosphates in good yields. For the high yield formation of cyanohydrin O-phosphates from arylphosphonates THF should be used and from alkylphosphonates DME was used.