Oyun kuramı ve uluslararası politika

Güner, Serdar
Different aspects of the concept of international competitiveness have attracted the attention of many scholars from a variety of disciplines. A considerable increase has been observed in the management literature with regard to the interest in the subject as well, especially since the early 1990s. This article first summarizes the historical evolution and the current competitive structure of the Turkish economy. Next, some of the key issues regarding this competitive structure as well as the nature of competitive advantages of Turkish industries are discussed in light of the recent debates in the strategy and international business literatures. This perspective is then used to highlight the implications of the analysis provided for Turkey’s international competitiveness.


Urban culture and space relations : \ Sakarya Caddesi as an entertainment space in Ankara
Yetkin, Sultan; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2004)
The purpose of this thesis is to research the relation between spatial structures and social relations including the cultural ones. This study specifically researches the relation between the construction and the representation of urban space and urban culture in Sakarya Caddesi as an instance of society-space interaction. This research focuses on Sakarya Caddesi where various urban cultural practices such as entertainment, has intensified. It deals with the constitution and representation of this entertain...
Leisure constraints and negotiation strategies in tourism recreation: a comperative research with different cultures
Tek, Tolga; Koçak, Mehmet Settar; Department of Physical Education and Sports (2018)
The main problem of this study was to describe perceived constraints encountered and negotiation strategies utilized by foreign tourists in a recreational sport setting in different regions of Turkey. Moreover, discreteness in negotiation was examined according to gender, participation, the level and type of perceived constraint encountered. A questionnaire was conducted to a sample of randomly selected foreign tourists in different regions from Turkey. The modification study of Leisure Constraints Question...
An Assessment of MoNE-YLYS scholarship program from the perspectives of scholars’: changes in cultural, political, economic and educational perceptions
Erden, Özlem; Ok, Ahmet; Department of Educational Sciences (2013)
This study aimed to assess MoNE-YLSY scholarship program relying on the opinions of scholars, and determine the changes in scholars’ cultural political, economic and educational perceptions and the reasons that lie behind the changes. Mixed design was used to examine the stated purpose. Qualitative data were collected from 18 participants studying in the UK to obtain information on the program. A self-developed questionnaire was delivered to 156 participants studying in the UK to obtain information on the c...
Türkiye’de Faaliyette Bulunan Uluslararası Ortak Girişimlerde Örgüt Kültürü: Yerel Sosyo-Kültürel Bağlamın Eşbiçimlilik Etkisi
İlhan, Tülay (Orta Doğu Teknik Üniversitesi (Ankara, Turkey), 2008-12)
Çalışma, yerel sosyo-kültürel bağlamın Türkiye’de faaliyette bulunan uluslararası ortak girisimlerin (UOG) örgüt kültürleri üzerindeki esbiçimlilik etkilerini incelemeyi amaçlamaktadır. Burada UOG’lerin örgüt kültürleri ve yerel sosyo-kültürel bağlam hem uygulama hem de değer düzeyinde, varolan literatürden hareketle geliştirilen, ortaklaşa davranısçılık, güç mesafesi, belirsizlikten kaçınma, performansa ilişkin yönelim, zamana ilişkin yönelim ve paternalizm kültürel boyutlarında ele alınmaktadır. UOG’lerin...
Praxis in architecture: the dialectical relationship between “thinking” and “making”
Al, Meltem; Savaş Sargın, Ayşen; Department of Architecture (2013)
Being a concept that was first raised in the context of Ancient Greek, “praxis” indicates the association of theory and practice in any human activity. As a purposeful and meaningful activity, praxis requires a well-structured theory that leads to the whole production process. At this point, this thesis claims that architectural production should be considered as a purposeful activity and that it should be performed as “praxis”. In architectural production the theoretical knowledge that is supported by arch...
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