An investigation to pumped storage plants in Turkey.

Demirbolat, Metin


An investigation in the playgrounds of public and private preschools in ankara
Olgan, Refika (2011-12-01)
This study aimed to determine the current status of 17 public and 17 private preschool playgrounds in Ankara, Turkey. The "Playground Rating System" was used to evaluate the playground environment and their equipment. According to the results, it is concluded that maintenance and safety issues were of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, the current status of the playground environment and equipment in the public and private schools as covered in this study were incapable of enhancing children's play. It i...
An investigation for Below-Sea-Level Mining in a Coastal Aquifer in Kocaeli-Darıca, Turkey
Doyuran, Vedat; Karahanoğlu, Nurkan; Çamur, Mehmet Zeki; Topal, Tamer (null; 2002-04-15)
An investigation for the recovery of aluminum metal from laminated aluminum foil wastes of a plant.
Çiftçioğlu, Muhsin; Department of Chemical Engineering (1982)
An investigation of agricultural use potential of wastewater sludges in Turkey - case of heavy metals
Ozsoy, G.; Dilek, Filiz Bengü; Sanin, Faika Dilek (IWA Publishing, 2006-01-01)
Landfilling is one of the most common methods that are used in the final disposal of sludge world wide, as well as in Turkey. However, increasing sludge quantities and limited landfilling areas make this method difficult to apply. The use of sludge in agriculture presents a possible alternative for disposal. However, it also poses some risks to be evaluated. In this respect, it is important to identify the heavy metal content of sewage sludges because of its adverse health effects. This study aims to determ...
An investigation on the use of CNC machines in the Turkish manufacturing industry.
Durmuş, Nazım; Kılıç, Engin; Anlağan, Ömer; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1996)
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M. Demirbolat, “An investigation to pumped storage plants in Turkey.,” Middle East Technical University, 1978.