Indentation of a semi-infinite fixed-end strip containing a crack.

Kadıoğlu, F. Suat


Indentation of a cantilever beam or plate
Kadıoğlu, Fevzi Suat (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 1995-12-01)
In this paper the general plane problem for a semi-infinite strip fixed at its short end, containing a crack perpendicular to its voundaries is considered. The strip is under the effect of a stamp. By extending the crack to the surfaces, one can reduce the problem to that of c cantilever beam or plate. Integral transform technique is used to provide an exact formulation of this problem, in terms of a system of four singular integral equations one of them being second kind. Stress singularities at the corner...
Inelastic buckling of columns with non-uniform cross sections.
Keyder, Engin; Department of Civil Engineering (1962)
Indentation and Observation of Anisotropic Soft Tissues Using an Indenter Device
Ashrafi, Parinaz; Tönük, Ergin (2014-10-31)
Soft tissues of human body have complex structures and different mechanical behaviors than those of traditional engineering materials. There is a great urge to understand tissue behavior of human body. Experimental data is needed for improvement of soft tissue modeling and advancement in implants and prosthesis, as well as diagnosis of diseases. Mechanical behavior and responses change when tissue loses its liveliness and viability. One of the techniques for soft tissue testing is indentation, which is appl...
Fragility of a shear wall building with torsional irregularity
Akansel, Vesile Hatun; Gülkan, Polat; Department of Civil Engineering (2011)
Buildings with torsional irregularity represent the main focus of many current investigations. However, despite this volume of research, there is no established framework that describes adequately the seismic vulnerability of reinforced concrete shear wall systems. In this study, the three-dimensional behavior of a particular shear-wall structure under earthquake effects was examined with regard to the nonlinear behavior of the reinforced concrete assembly and the parameters that characterize the structure ...
Crevice Boiling in Steam Generators
Tieszen, Sheldon; Merte, Herman, Jr.; Arpacı, Vedat S.; Selamoğlu, Sinan (ASME International, 1987-8-1)
Experimental results are presented on the influence of confinement (normal to heated surface) on nucleate boiling in forced flow. The forced flow conditions and confinement geometry studied are similar to those found for boiling between a primary-fluid tube and a tube-support plate in steam generators of pressurized-water-reactor nuclear power plants. Visual observations of the boiling process within the confined region (crevice) between the tube and its support plate, obtained by high-speed photography, ar...
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F. S. Kadıoğlu, “Indentation of a semi-infinite fixed-end strip containing a crack.,” Middle East Technical University, 1989.