Investigation of the motion of a rocket inside its launcher

Merttopçuoğlu, Osman


Investigation of the Effect of Geometrical Parameters of Pressure Swirl Atomizer on the Hollow Cone Spray
tokgöz, tolga; sümer, bülent; Ulaş, Abdullah (2019-08-22)
Investigation of the effect of geometrical parameters of pressure swirl atomizer on the hollow cone spray
Tokgöz, Tolga; Ulaş, Abdullah; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2019)
In this study, effects of geometrical parameters of pressure swirl atomizer on the hollow cone spray are investigated experimentally, and physical phenomenon inside the pressure swirl atomizer is investigated numerically. In the experimental studies, hollow cone spray properties are examined macroscopically and microscopically. Macroscopic spray properties are studied by a visual technique called high-speed shadowgraphy. The hollow cone spray images are captured for different geometrical configurations of t...
Investigation of the effect of oil groove in the performance of a compressor piston
Hacıoğlu, Bilgin; Dursunkaya, Zafer; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2006)
Oil feed grooves are implemented in reciprocating compressor piston applications to assure a constant supply of lubricating oil on bearing surfaces and decrease friction loss. In a hermetically sealed compressor, due to small clearances encountered, oil supply becomes critical in order not to operate in boundary lubrication regime. Due to the small size of the piston and small piston cylinder clearance, a partial lubrication regime is present. In the current study, a model that solves Reynolds’ equation fo...
Investigation of the effect of oxidation filters on the particulate emissions of diesel engines
Cerit, R. Ersen; Bayka, Ahmet Demir; Department of Mechanical Engineering (2006)
Oxidation filters are used to decrease particulate emissions commonly. In this study, design of a particulate trap to produce an alternative, low cost filter has been aimed. An experimental setup has been installed according to standards to carry out tests of these designed filters. Electronic measurement and control systems have been attached to this setup to increase efficiency of experiments. Two filter designs have been used in the experiments. First design consists of aluminum wire cloth. Second design...
Investigation of the effect of pressure waves on the compressor side of turbocharger in turbocharged diesel engine.
Ergün, Cem; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1977)
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O. Merttopçuoğlu, “Investigation of the motion of a rocket inside its launcher,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.