Interactive computer aided selection of standard bolts and analysis of bolted joints

Yılmaz, Levent


Interactive computer simulation of dislocation damping spectra associated with the coupled motion of geometric kinks and point defects subjected to the bulk segregation phenomenon
Ogurtani, TO; Gungor, MR; Oren, EE (Trans Tech Publications, Ltd.; 2003-01-01)
The set of non-linear differential equations which describes the kink chain oscillating in an atmosphere of continuously distributed paraelastic (interstitials) or isotropic defects and, in addition, decorated by a dragging point defect at the midpoint, is solved numerically after introducing a novel scaling and re-normalization procedure. The internal friction coefficient obtained indicates the existence of two separate peaks, the decoration peak and the parent peak, which are directly related to the selec...
Interactive assessment of lignite and bamboo-biochar for geochemical speciation, modulation and uptake of Cu and other heavy metals in the copper mine tailing
Munir, Mehr Ahmed Mujtaba; Irshad, Samina; Yousaf, Balal; Ali, Muhammad Ubaid; Dan, Chen; Abbas, Qumber; Liu, Guijian; Yang, Xiaoe (2021-07-20)
This study was designed to examine the combined effect of bamboo-biochar (BC) and water-washed lignite (LGT) at copper mine tailings (CuMT) sites on the concentration of Cu and other metals in pore water (PW), their bioavailability, and change in geochemical speciation. Rapeseed (first cropping-season) and wheat (second cropping-season) were grown for 40-days each and the influence of applied-amendments on both cropping seasons was observed and compared. A significant increase in pH, water holding capacity ...
Interactive boundary layer calculation over an airfoil and its resulting wake
Özgen, Serkan; Alemdaroğlu, H. Nafiz; Department of Aeronautical Engineering (1994)
Aksoy, Yagiz; Sener, Ozan; Alatan, Abdullah Aydın; Ugur, Kemal (2012-10-03)
We propose a complete still image based 2D-3D mobile conversion system for touch screen use. The system consists of interactive segmentation followed by 3D rendering. The interactive segmentation is conducted dynamically by color Gaussian mixture model updates and dynamic-iterative graph-cut. A coloring gesture is used to guide the way and entertain the user during the process. Output of the image segmentation is then fed to the 3D rendering stage of the system. For rendering stage, two novel improvements a...
Interactive energy consumption parameters of walking draglines in Turkish coal mines
Özdoğan, Metin; Özgenoğlu, Abdurrahim; Department of Mining Engineering (2002)
This thesis presents and discusses the production and direct current motor performances of walking draglines from equipment excavating ease perspective operating at some Turkish surface coal mines based on the on-board monitoring research carried out with portable laboratory type monitor. The thesis investigates and interprets interactive excavating energy consumption of the equipment at ground engagement as a reaction of equipment to varying bench digging conditions; analyzes cycle time and energy componen...
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L. Yılmaz, “Interactive computer aided selection of standard bolts and analysis of bolted joints,” Middle East Technical University, 1990.