An overview of character recognition focused on off-line handwriting

Character recognition (CR) has been extensively studied in the last half century and progressed to a level sufficient to produce technology driven applications. Now, the rapidly growing computational power enables the implementation of the present CR methodologies and creates an increasing demand on many emerging application domains, which require more advanced methodologies.


A comparison on textured motion classification
Oztekin, Kaan; Akar, Gözde (2006-01-01)
Textured motion - generally known as dynamic or temporal texture analysis, classification, synthesis, segmentation and recognition is popular research areas in several fields such as computer vision, robotics, animation, multimedia databases etc. In the literature, several algorithms are proposed to characterize these textured motions such as stochastic and deterministic algorithms. However, there is no study which compares the performances of these algorithms. In this paper, we carry out a complete compari...
An Assessment of BIM-CAREM Against the Selected BIM Capability Assessment Models
YILMAZ, GÖKÇEN; Akçamete Güngör, Aslı; DEMİRÖRS, ONUR (2018-10-04)
Although various BIM capability and maturity models have been developed to meet different BIM capability/maturity assessment purposes, there has not been a model which is broadly used and commonly accepeted in the literature. A Reference Model for BIM Capability Assessment (BIM-CAREM) was developed based on the meta-model of ISO/IEC 33000 to be used for assessing BIM capability levels of AEC/FM processes. This paper aims to compare the components of BIM-CAREM with the assessment questions of the identified ...
Realistic Workload Generation for Cloud Data Centers Bulut Veri Merkezleri icin Gercekci Is Yuku Uretimi
Koltuk, Furkan; Schmidt, Şenan Ece (2020-10-05)
© 2020 IEEE.This paper proposes a new method for creating synthetic workload traces in accordance with the distribution and time characteristics of a given actual workload trace. To this end, we first find the distribution that fits to the actual workload trace, then rearrange the random samples that are generated from this distribution such that the final synthetic trace has time characteristics that are similar to the actual trace. We evaluate our method using real virtual machine and task request traces ...
Mimarlık Bölümü Birinci Sınıf Öğrencilerinin Görsel-Mekânsal Becerileri Üzerine Bir Araştırma
Acar, Aktan; Ünver, Elif; Sosyal Acar, A. Şebnem (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-12-31)
Mimarlık eğitimi öğrencilerin görsel-mekânsal becerileri ve yetkinlikleri ile doğrudan ilişkilidir. Eğitimleri boyunca öğrencilerden mekânı zihinsel ve fiziksel olarak kurabilmek, düzenleyebilmek, döndürebilmek ve dönüştürebilmek için görsel-mekânsal becerilerini kullanmaları ve geliştirmeleri beklenmektedir. Bu çalışma mimarlık birinci sınıf öğrencilerinin, yükseköğrenim öncesinde aldıkları sanat eğitimi ile görselmekânsal becerileri arasındaki ilişkiyi araştırmak amacıyla yapılmıştır.Görsel-mekânsal becer...
Model Updating of a Nonlinear System: Gun Barrel of a Battle Tank
Canbaloglu, Guvenc; Özgüven, Hasan Nevzat (2016-01-28)
Nonlinearities in a structural system make the use of model updating methods developed for linear systems difficult to apply nonlinear systems. If the FRFs of the underlying linear systems in a nonlinear system could be experimentally extracted, then the linear model updating methods could easily be applied to nonlinear systems as well. When there are complex nonlinearities in a structure together with frictional type of nonlinearity, linear FRFs cannot be accurately obtained by using low level forcing. In ...
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N. Arica and F. T. Yarman Vural, “An overview of character recognition focused on off-line handwriting,” IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SYSTEMS MAN AND CYBERNETICS PART C-APPLICATIONS AND REVIEWS, pp. 216–233, 2001, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: