The effect of stiffeners on a plate having two symmetrically located through cracks and finite width under bending

Müyesseroğlu, Hüseyin


The effect of disjoining pressure on the shape of condensing films in a fin-groove corner
Akdag, Osman; Akkus, Yigit; Dursunkaya, Zafer (2019-08-01)
Thin film condensation is commonly present in numerous natural and artificial processes. Phase-change driven passive heat spreaders such as heat pipes, which are widely used in electronics cooling, employ a continuous condensation process at the condenser region. When the wick structure of a heat pipe is composed of grooves, the top surfaces of the walls (fins) located between consecutive grooves function as the major source of condensation and the condensate flows along the fin top into the grooves. Modeli...
The Effect of particle shape on just-suspended speed of mixtures of solids at high concentrations
Kütükçü, Başak; Ayrancı Tansık, İnci; Department of Chemical Engineering (2017)
Solid-liquid mixing is a common application in the chemical industry. For solid-liquid mixing operations, it is important to determine the impeller speed which provides the maximum contact surface between the phases at minimum power consumption. This impeller speed is called just suspended speed, Njs. Njs can be determined experimentally by visual observation or pressure gauge measurement method. If the mixing system is at the design stage or if it is not possible to apply experimental methods, the correlat...
The effect of axial conduction on heat transfer in a liquid microchannel flow
Cole, Kevin D.; Cetin, Barbaros (2011-05-01)
Analysis is presented for conjugate heat transfer in a parallel-plate microchannel. Axial conduction in the fluid and in the adjacent wall are included. The fluid is a constant property liquid with a fully-developed velocity distribution. The microchannel is heated by a uniform heat flux applied to the outside of the channel wall. The analytic solution is given in the form of integrals by the method of Green's functions. Quadrature is used to obtain numerical results for the local and average Nusselt number...
The effect of a stiffener on a cracked plate under skew symmetric loading.
Karakurt, Ali Osman; Department of Mechanical Engineering (1986)
The effect of prismatic ruoghness elements on hydraulic jump
Evcimen, Taylan Ulaş; Tokyay, Nuray; Department of Civil Engineering (2005)
The objective of this study is to determine the effect of different roughness types and arrangements on hydraulic jump characteristics in a rectangular channel. Three different types of roughness were used along experiments. All of them had rectangular prism shapes and that were placed normal to the flow direction. To avoid cavitation, height of roughness elements were arranged according to level of the channel inlet, so that the crests of roughness elements would not be protruding into the flow. The effect...
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H. Müyesseroğlu, “The effect of stiffeners on a plate having two symmetrically located through cracks and finite width under bending,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.