Teaching coherence in English composition to Turkish university students.

Öztürk, Cesur


Teaching reading to the students of economics and the social sciences at the Middle East Technical University.
Birlik, Saadet; Department of English Language Teaching (1983)
Teaching Architectural Design Through Creative Practices
Lizondo-Sevilla, Laura; Bosch-Roig, Luis; Ferrer-Ribera, Carmen; Alapont-Ramon, José Luis (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2019-9-25)
This article provides investigation details of teaching architectural design as a fundamental part of the architectural discipline. This line of research delves into learning about the most creative action of the architectural production process, design, taking into account that creativity must be complemented by disciplinary training that combines both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Considering these observations, this text provides information about the experience accomplished by four teacher...
Teaching relative clauses to Turkish speakers.
Coşar, Hakkı; Department of English Language Teaching (1983)
Teaching students how to work in global software development environments
Swigger, Kathleen; Brazile, Robert; Harrington, Brian; Peng, Xiaobo; Alpaslan, Ferda Nur (2006-11-20)
Given that outsourcing has become a fact of life, it is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to ensure that computer science students are taught the necessary skills to cope with global software development. Unfortunately, the enormous amount of time that it takes to coordinate and support such activities can deter even the most devoted educator. This paper describes a course that used a computer supported collaborative tool help teach distributed teams from Turkey and the US how to work together to s...
Teaching Modernism on (the) Edge
Özkaya, Ayşe Belgin (null; 2011-06-01)
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C. Öztürk, “Teaching coherence in English composition to Turkish university students.,” Middle East Technical University, 1983.