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Restoring disrupted data by wellbore storage effect using analytical models and type-curve matching techniques

Al-Rbeawi, Salam
This paper introduces new techniques for restoring disrupted data by wellbore storage. The proposed techniques are applicable for reservoirs depleted by horizontal wells and hydraulic fractures. Several analytical models describe early time data have been generated. The relationships of the peak points (humps) with the pressure, pressure derivative and production time have been mathematically formulated in this study for different wellbore storage coefficients. Two complete sets of type curves have been generated for horizontal wells and fractured formations considering different skin factors and wellbore storage coefficients. The study has shown that early radial flow for short wellbores is more affected by wellbore storage while for long horizontal wells; early linear flow is the most affected flow regime. The study emphasises the applicability of early time data for characterising formations that could be controlled by wellbore storage effect by proposing different relationships between wellbore storage dominated flow and other flow regimes.