On the product Pi(infinity)(n = 2) zeta(n)

Oktem, I. Ferit


On the single name CDS price under structural modeling
GOKGOZ, I. H.; Uğur, Ömür; Okur, Y. Yolcu (2014-03-15)
Regulators, banks and other market participants realized that true assessment of the credit risk is more critical and complex than their ex-ante appraisals after the US Credit Crunch. They have turned their attention to complex credit risk models and credit instruments such as credit derivatives. Credit default swap contracts (CDSs) are the most common credit derivatives used for speculation and hedging purposes in the credit markets. Thus, in this paper we fundamentally study the pricing of a single name C...
On the p-ary (cubic) bent and plateaued (vectorial) functions
MESNAGER, Sihem; Özbudak, Ferruh; Sinak, AHMET (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2018-08-01)
Plateaued functions play a significant role in cryptography, sequences for communications, and the related combinatorics and designs. Comparing to their importance, those functions have not been studied in detail in a general framework. Our motivation is to bring further results on the characterizations of bent and plateaued functions, and to introduce new tools which allow us firstly a better understanding of their structure and secondly to get methods for handling and designing such functions. We first ch...
On the (Re)Construction of the modern(s) within the historiography of architecture
Korkmaz, Tansel; Pamir, Haluk; Department of Architecture (1998)
On the elastic-plastic shrink fit with supercritical interference
Gamer, U; Müftü, Sinan (Wiley, 1990)
Shrink fits with perfectly elastic-plastic hub material cannot be treated with the help of Tresca's yield criterion, if the ratio of outer and inner diameter as well as the interference exceed certain limits. For linear hardening material, however, a solution exists for all radii ratios. It is shown that, for small hardening, the material in the neighbourhood of the interface undergoes a twofold change of the yield condition.
On the elastic-plastic shrink fit rotating with supercritical angular speed
Gamer, U.; Orçan, Yusuf (Wiley, 1989)
Based on Tresca's yield criterion and the associated flow rule, the distribution of stress and displacement in the completely plasticized hub of a rotating shrink fit is studied. The hub material exhibits linear hardening. At the critical angular speed, a change in the Tresca regime takes place.
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