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P parity of charmed particles from associative photoproduction of D and D-*-mesons

Rekalo, MP
Tomasi-Gustafsson, E
We suggest to measure the triple polarization correlations in the exclusive associative charm particle photoproduction, (gamma) over right arrow+(p) over right arrow-->Lambda(c)(+)+ (D-0) over bar with linearly polarized photons, as a method to determine the P parity of the charmed D meson. The dependence of these correlations on the parity P(NLambda(c)D) can be predicted in a model independent way. The t dependence of the differential cross section for vector meson photoproduction, gamma + p --> Lambda(c)(+)+ (D*(0)) over bar, in a model based on D exchange, is also sensitive to P(NLambda(c)D).