Effects of fetal alcohol on learning and memory are gender, age and strain dependent

Dursun, I.
Jakubowska-Dogru, E.


Effects of context on everyday conversations of Turkish university students
Hortacsu, N; Oral, A; Yasak, Y (Elsevier BV, 1996-12-01)
This study employed a diary method to investigate everyday conversations. Consistent with a dynamic view of partner context interaction, it was predicted that conversations occurring in different contexts would show variations with respect to topics and conversation partners. Turkish university students recorded durations, topics, and conversation partners of their conversations for seven consecutive days. Contexts, topics, and partners were categorized. Respondents were utilized as units of analyses. Analy...
Effects of perceptual fluency on autobiographical memories
İnan, Aslı Bahar; Tekman, Hasan Gürkan; Department of Cognitive Sciences (2009)
The aim of this study was to find if manipulating fluency, that is, the ease of processing, could affect confidence ratings about whether an event occurred in the respondents’ past. To test the familiarity misattribution hypothesis, which states that familiarity caused by fluent processing can be misattributed to past experience if the source of fluency cannot be identified, two methods were used: a revelation task, which was anagram solving and repetition priming. In the revelation task the familiarity mis...
Sümer, Zeynep (Scientific Journal Publishers Ltd, 2013-01-01)
My purpose was to investigate the effects of gender and sex-role orientation on attitudes toward autoeroticism/masturbation, abortion, pornography, homosexuality, premarital sex, and sexual coercion among Turkish university students. Participants were 468 undergraduate students from 3 large urban universities in Ankara. The Turkish version of the Bem Sex-Role Inventory (BSRI; Bem, 1974) and the Sexual Knowledge and Attitude Test for Adolescents (SKAT-A; Fullard, Johnston, & Lief, 1998) were used to collect ...
Effects of refugee trauma on interpreters: a qualitative analyses of vicarious traumatization and coping
Hasdemir, Dilara; Karancı, Ayşe Nuray; Department of Psychology (2018)
The main aim of this thesis was to explore the experiences of interpreters who work with refugees. Specifically, it aimed to investigate how interpreting the traumatic experiences of refugees influences interpreters’ mental health, which coping mechanisms they use to handle the possible impacts of vicarious traumatization, and what their needs are. A qualitative approach was employed to achieve this purpose. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 8 interpreters working with refugees, and data was an...
Roles of perceived control and coping strategies on depressive and anxiety symptoms of Turkish adolescents
Ogul, M; Gençöz, Tülin (SAGE Publications, 2003-12-01)
This study aimed to test the importance of the match between control appraisals and coping responses as relating to the psychological symptoms of anxiety and depression in adolescents. Besides this match, by means of a survey study the main effects of control appraisals and coping strategies were tested via hierarchical regression analyses, which were run for anxiety and depression symptoms separately. Participants were 396 students (204 girls, 192 boys) whose ages were 11 to 18 years. After controlling for...
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I. Dursun and E. Jakubowska-Dogru, “Effects of fetal alcohol on learning and memory are gender, age and strain dependent,” INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY, pp. 351–351, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/64628.