Temperature control of a fluidized bed lignite combustor.

Mutlugil, Bülent


Temperature-Induced Activation of Graphite Co-intercalation Reactions for Glymes and Crown Ethers in Sodium-Ion Batteries
Goktas, Mustafa; Akduman, Baris; Huang, Peihua; Balducci, Andrea; Adelhelm, Philipp (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2018-11-29)
The intercalation of solvated ions into graphite leads to ternary graphite intercalation compounds (t-GICs). Here, we study the impact of temperature on the electro-chemical activity of graphite electrodes for co-intercalation reactions between 20 and 80 degrees C in sodium cells. For this, a range of linear ethers (mono-, di-, tri-, and tetraglyme) are studied. For the first time, pentaglyme and several crown ethers are also investigated. We find that several solvents that appear as unsuitable for the co-i...
Temperature Dependence of the Raman Frequency, Damping Constant and the Activation Energy of a Soft-Optic Mode in Ferroelectric Barium Titanate
Kiraci, A.; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2012-01-01)
The Raman frequency of a soft-optic mode associated with the order parameter is calculated as a function of temperature from the mean field theory for barium titanate (T-C = 222K). Using the Raman frequencies calculated, the damping constant is evaluated and it is compared with the observed one for this soft-optic mode.
Temperature cycling of MOS-based radiation sensors
Yilmaz, Ercan; Turan, Raşit (Elsevier BV, 2008-01-15)
We have studied dosimetric characteristics, linearity and performance of MOS structures as radiation sensors. This was performed by analyzing the correlation between irradiation dose and the shift in flat band voltage of MOS capacitors which were tested against gamma and beta radiations. Devices have been studied after repeated cycles of irradiation and annealing treatment under hydrogen and nitrogen ambient. Each cycle consists of gamma irradiation with 60 Gray-dose and an anneal at 200 degrees C for 30 mi...
Temperature estimation studies on infrared images using radiometric approaches
Atay, Yağmur; Esendemir, Akif; Department of Physics (2011)
In this thesis work, temperature estimation algorithms based on physical and radiometric approaches are developed. Developed algorithms, firstly, tested on artificial images for different test cases. Following this, algorithms are tried out on real infrared images in order to verify that they are working properly. Finally, temperature estimations are done by including emissivity. Obtained results are compared to the temperature estimation results of a reference infrared camera. All the results and errors ob...
Temperature estimation of switched reluctance machines using thermal impulse response technique
Rahman, Nasim Arbab; Gu, Lei; Bostancı, Emine; Fahimi, Babak (2017-01-12)
Identifying the hot spots in an electrical machine is a critical step in the electromagnetic design process. Failure of this diagnosis can result in significant damages to the machine. However, a detailed thermal analysis of an electric machine can be extremely time consuming. Therefore, a new approach called Thermal Impulse Response (TIR) modelling is proposed to estimate the temperature of various parts in an electric machine. Use of TIR modelling will improve the simulation time significantly. Simulation...
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B. Mutlugil, “Temperature control of a fluidized bed lignite combustor.,” Middle East Technical University, 1979.