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Transport of heavy metals within a two-layered system: the Marmara-Mediterranean-Black Seas system

Yemenicioglu, S
Salihoglu, I
The concentration of heavy metals (Zn, Cy Ni, Cr, Cd, and Hg) in sea water was determined along the Turkish Straits (Dardanelles and Bosphorus) and in the Marmara Sea. The concentrations are ranging between 13.26-144.9 mu g/L for Zn, 0.23-0.77 mu g/L for Cu, 0.41-5.42 mu g/L for Ni, 0.26-2.56 mu g/L for Cr, 0.67-12.67 ng/L for Cd and 2.0-5.3 ng/L for Hg.