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Estimate of the long-distance contribution through b -> s psi to the B-s ->gamma gamma decay rate

Hiller, G
Iltan, EO
The B-s --> phi psi decay is modeled through the inclusive b --> s phi decay. Using the vector meson dominance model, the amplitude for the chain process B-s --> phi psi --> phi gamma --> gamma gamma is estimated and it is found to be at most 4% of the corresponding amplitude from the O-7 type LD contribution. The intermediate amplitude for the process B-s --> phi gamma is compared with the corresponding one obtained by a different approach based on the interaction of the virtual charm quark loop with soft, gluons.(7) Both amplitudes are found to agree within 10%. Further the influence on the branching ratio B(B-s --> gamma gamma)(SD+LDO7) from inclusive b --> s psi is estimated to be less than 1%.