Generaiton of pulsed high magnetic fields.

Öy, Bülent


Generaiton of minimum sensitivity network via continuously equivalent tranformations.
Kanzık, Haluk; Department of Electrical Engineering (1975)
realizaiton of a typical force-balanced accelerometer.
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Generative Data Augmentation for Vehicle Detection in Aerial Images
Kumdakçı, Hilmi; Öngün, Cihan; Temizel, Alptekin (null; 2021-01-15)
Scarcity of training data is one of the prominent problemsfor deep networks which require large amounts data. Data augmentationis a widely used method to increase the number of training samples andtheir variations. In this paper, we focus on improving vehicle detectionperformance in aerial images and propose a generative augmentationmethod which does not need any extra supervision than the boundingbox annotations of the vehicle objects in the training dataset. The pro-posed method increases the perf...
Realizaiton of a one-bit digital matched filter.
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Operaiton of hydrpelectric plants in mixed systems.
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B. Öy, “Generaiton of pulsed high magnetic fields.,” Middle East Technical University, 1980.