An efficient synthesis of a novel bifunctional chelating agent

Erdogan, B
Akkaya, EU
Received 10 August 1998; revised 15 September 1998; accepted 21 September 1998 A novel bifunctional chelating agent, a derivative of the well-known calcium chelator, BAPTA has been synthesized in 6 steps. The added amino-functionality is likely to expand the use of this chelator.


Searching for subspace trails and truncated differentials
Leander, Gregor; Tezcan, Cihangir; Wiemer, Friedrich (2018-01-01)
Grassi et al. [Gra+16] introduced subspace trail cryptanalysis as a generalization of invariant subspaces and used it to give the first five round distinguisher for Aes. While it is a generic method, up to now it was only applied to the Aes and Prince. One problem for a broad adoption of the attack is a missing generic analysis algorithm. In this work we provide efficient and generic algorithms that allow to compute the provably best subspace trails for any substitution permutation cipher.
Evidence of a change in the long-term spin-down rate of the X-ray pulsar 4U 1907+09
Baykal, Altan; Beklen, E. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2006-07-11)
We analysed RXTE archival observations of 4U 1907+09 between 1996 February 17 and 2002 March 6. The pulse timing analysis showed that the source stayed at almost constant period around 1998 August and then started to spin-down at a rate of (-1.887 -/+ 0.042) x 10(-14) Hz s(-1) which is similar to 0.60 times lower than the long-term (similar to 15 yr) spin-down rate. Our pulse-frequency measurements for the first time resolved significant spin-down rate variations since the discovery of the source. We also p...
Stochastic Strong Ground Motion Simulation of the 12 November 1999 Duzce (Turkey) Earthquake Using a Dynamic Corner Frequency Approach
Ugurhan, Beliz; Askan Gündoğan, Ayşegül (Seismological Society of America (SSA), 2010-08-01)
On 12 November 1999, only three months after the 17 August 1999 Kocaeli earthquake (M(w) 7: 4), an earthquake of Mw 7: 1 occurred immediately to the east of the Kocaeli rupture in northwestern Turkey resulting in extensive structural damage in the city of Duzce and its surrounding area. It was reported to be a right-lateral strike slip event on the previously unbroken segment of the North Anatolian fault zone with a north-dipping fault plane. This paper presents stochastic finite-fault simulation of near-fi...
An investigation of bacterial and fungal xylanolytic systems
Yaşınok, Ayşegül Ersayın; Bakır, Ufuk; Department of Biotechnology (2006)
Endo-b-1,4 xylanases (EC. are typically produced as a mixture of different hydrolytic enzymes such as b-1,4-xylosidase (EC. , a-Larabinofuranosidases (EC., and feruloyl esterase (EC that hydrolyze xylan molecule, which constitutes 20-30% of the weight of wood and agricultural wastes. Thus, xylan, a renewable biomass, can be utilized as a substrate for the preparation of many products such as fuels, solvents and pharmaceuticals. Besides, xylanolytic enzymes themselves a...
An expert system for the quantification of fault rates in construction fall accidents
Birgönül, Mustafa Talat; Dikmen Toker, İrem (2016-03-01)
Introduction. Expert witness reports, prepared with the aim of quantifying fault rates among parties, play an important role in a court's final decision. However, conflicting fault rates assigned by different expert witness boards lead to iterative objections raised by the related parties. This unfavorable situation mainly originates due to the subjectivity of expert judgments and unavailability of objective information about the causes of accidents. As a solution to this shortcoming, an expert system based...
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