Application of turbulence models to unsteady cascade flows in a parallel environment

Açıkgöz, Nazmiye


Application of density functional theory methods to two dimensional harmonically confined dipolar atoms
Toffoli, Hande (2016-06-14)
Application of Relaxation Techniques to Nonconvex Isotropic Damage Model
Birkle, Manuel; Gürses, Ercan; Miehe, Christian (2003-03-28)
A new energy relaxation technique for nonconvex inelasticity is applied to an isotropic damage model. The increasingdamage yields nonconvex incremental potentials indicating the instability of the material and the development of fine-scale microstructures. The microstructures ar e resolved as first-or der laminates by convexifiaction techniques.
ERALP, OC; ORUC, S (1993-11-05)
An experimental investigation has been performed to study the inception of cavitation and the effect of entrained air on cavitation in a double suction centrifugal pump. Experiments have been organized to cover off-design flow rates and reduced suction pressures independently so that has been possible to study both the effect of flow rate and suction pressure. Air of known amounts has been entrained from the suction pipe to investigate its effect on the intensity of cavitation and the performance of the pu...
Application of markow random field to textured images
Şener, Oğuz; Yücel, Melek; Vural, Fatoş; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1990)
Application of the boundary element method to parabolic type equations
Bozkaya, Nuray; Tezer-Sezgin, Münevver; Department of Mathematics (2010)
In this thesis, the two-dimensional initial and boundary value problems governed by unsteady partial differential equations are solved by making use of boundary element techniques. The boundary element method (BEM) with time-dependent fundamental solution is presented as an efficient procedure for the solution of diffusion, wave and convection-diffusion equations. It interpenetrates the equations in such a way that the boundary solution is advanced to all time levels, simultaneously. The solution at a requi...
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N. Açıkgöz, “Application of turbulence models to unsteady cascade flows in a parallel environment,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.