Effects of ultrasound on the synthesis of silicalite-1 nanocrystals

Gürbüz, Hale
Tokay, Begum
Erdem-Senatalar, Ayse
Application of power ultrasound, offers potential in the degree of control over the preparation and properties of nanocrystalline zeolites, which have become increasingly important due to their diverse emerging applications. Synthesis of silicalite-1 nanocrystals from a clear solution was carried out at 348 K in the absence and presence of ultrasound of 300 and 600 W, in an attempt to investigate the effects of sonication, in this respect. Variation of the particle size and particle size distribution was followed with respect to time using a laser light scattering device with a detector set to collect back-scattered light at an angle of 173 degrees. Product yield was determined and the crystallinity was analyzed by X-ray diffraction for selected samples collected during the syntheses. Nucleation, particle growth and crystallization rates all increased as a result of the application of ultrasound and highly crystalline silicalite-1 of smaller average particle diameter could be obtained at shorter synthesis times. The particle size distributions of the product populations, however, remained similar for similar average particle sizes. The rate of increase in yield was also speeded up in the presence of ultrasound, while the final product yield was not affected. Increasing the power of ultrasound, from 300 to 600 W, increased the particle growth rate and the crystalline domain size, and decreased both the final particle diameter and the time required for the particle growth to reach completion, while its effect on nucleation was unclear.


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