CodeMagic: Semi-Automatic Assignment of ICD-10-AM Codes to Patient Records

Arifoglu, Damla
Deniz, Onur
Alecakir, Kemal
Yondem, Meltem
In this study, we present a recommendation system for semiautomatic assignment of ICD-10-AM codes to free-text patient records. Only expert annotators can assign codes to medical texts, and the lack of standardization of medical documentation and language specific problems make the assignment process even more challenging. Our system assigns a set of top k ICD codes for each document by exploiting the idea of bag-of-words and by using Lucene search engine and Borda Count voting schema. Before the code assignment task, we preprocess patient records to form query bags. Experiments on a set of clinical records show that promising results are possible for semiautomatic assignment of ICD codes.
Citation Formats
D. Arifoglu, O. Deniz, K. Alecakir, and M. Yondem, “CodeMagic: Semi-Automatic Assignment of ICD-10-AM Codes to Patient Records,” 2014, p. 259, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: