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Design and Development of a Hybrid Excited Claw Pole Synchronous Machine

Melcescu, Leonard M.
Cistelecan, Mihail V.
Popescu, Mihail
Craiu, Ovidiu
The paper presents a new contactless hybrid excited claw pole synchronous machine. The excitation field is produced by both NdFeB permanent magnets mounted on the rotor, and two fixed cods embedded within machine shields, and fed from a controlled DC source. A 3-D numerical model based on the Finite Element Method (FEAT) that takes into account the magnetic circuit nonlinearity and movement of the armature is used to demonstrate the principle of the new excitation system The no-load and magnetization characteristics, as well as the e.mf: time dependence are calculated The main operating characteristics of the manufactured machine have been determined experimentally for motor and generator regimes.