Pulsational properties of V2109 Cyg

Ozel, N
Kirbiyik, H
Civelek, R
Kiziloglu, N
In this study V2109 Cyg (a pulsating delta Scuti star) has been modelled. In treating the oscillation equations perturbation in gravitational potential energy has been taken into account. Both radial and nonradial oscillations are treated with adiabatic approximation. The so called radial fundamental frequency (5.3745 c/d) and the nonradial frequency (5.8332 c/d) were obtained within a satisfactory precision. It was found that the Cowling approximation introduced more error as one went from low overtones to high overtones in radial oscillations. A similar trend was observed in nonradial case with low values of 1. By keeping the effective temperatures almost the same as with V2109 Cyg two more models with different masses have also been calculated to see the effect of inclusion of perturbation in gravitational potential energy on oscillation frequencies in different masses. Conclusion arrived is that one must be careful to employ the Cowling approximation especially for high nonradial oscillation frequencies.


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N. Ozel, H. Kirbiyik, R. Civelek, and N. Kiziloglu, “Pulsational properties of V2109 Cyg,” ASTRONOMISCHE NACHRICHTEN, pp. 118–121, 2005, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/67512.