MHD stability in axisymmetric multiple mirror geometry

Cakir, S
San, SE
Mirnov, VV
Oke, G
The marginal stability of MHD modes is discussed in application for high beta multiple mirror experiments planned at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. Flute modes are dangerous in axisymmetric systems with beta beta(cr). A. very low ballooning margin is predicted in multiple mirror with the large number of cells: beta(cr) less than or equal to pi(2) /N-2. For the number of cells N similar or equal to 10: beta(cr) similar or equal to 5%. Results of the calculations are discussed in the context of old and new multiple mirror experiments.

Citation Formats
S. Cakir, S. San, V. Mirnov, and G. Oke, “MHD stability in axisymmetric multiple mirror geometry,” FUSION TECHNOLOGY, vol. 35, pp. 215–217, 1999, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: