Beneficiation of low grade flourspar ore from Kaman-Şefaatli district.

Gençtan, Gülhan


Beneficiation of low grade mercury ores from Halıköy and Karareis mines.
Özbayoğlu, Savcı; Department of Mining Engineering (1965)
Beneficiation of Himmetoglu oil shale by flotation as a solid fuel substitute. Part 1. Materials characteristics and flotation behavior
Altun, Naci Emre; Hwang, JY; Bagci, AS (2006-01-01)
In this study, the processing of Himmetoglu oil shale from Bolu, Turkey, by flotation techniques was investigated for the possibility of achieving a clean solid-fuel substitute. The surface characteristics and mineral content of Himmetoglu oil shale were determined using mineralogical, XRD, and FIR analysis. The flotation response of the sample was tested with several nonionizing collectors and a variety of ionizing collectors belonging to both cationic and anionic groups. The effects of collector dosage an...
Beneficiation of Himmetoglu oil shale by flotation as a solid fuel substitute. Part 2. Process optimization by a statistical approach
Altun, Naci Emre; Hwang, HY; Bagci, AS (American Chemical Society (ACS), 2006-01-01)
The effects of the important flotation parameters on the cleaning process of the Himmetoglu oil shale from Turkey were investigated. The individual and multiple interaction effects of conditioning time, flotation time, pulp density, particle size, and frother dosage were determined using statistical analysis and factorial design of experiments. The influence of these parameters on the cleaning performance were evaluated in terms of ash yield, calorific value, and combustible recovery of the concentrates. XR...
Beneficiation of south-east anatolian calcareous phosphates by calcination.
Boztepe, Ali Münür; Department of Mining Engineering (1980)
Beneficiation of oxide lead and zinc minerals by selective flotation and ammonia leaching
Talan, Deniz; Atalay, M Ümit Atalay; Altun, Naci Emre; Department of Mining Engineering (2016)
This study was aimed to concentrate a carbonate rich lead and zinc ore by selective flotation and agitating ammonia leaching. Run-of-mine ore with 13.59% Pb and 28.31% Zn used in this study was provided from Kayseri-Develi region of Turkey. Initially the mineralogical characterization of the ore was performed using polarized microscopy and that showed cerussite (PbCO3) and smithsonite (ZnCO3) are the main components in the ore together with dolomite and limonite as gangue minerals. Prior to flotation tests,...
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G. Gençtan, “Beneficiation of low grade flourspar ore from Kaman-Şefaatli district.,” Middle East Technical University, 1965.