Chemical potential gradients and the theory of excess voltage from thermopower waves

Abrahamson, Joel T.
Sempere, Bernat
Walsh, Michael P.
Forman, Jared M.
Sen, Fatih
Sen, Selda
Mahajan, Sayalee G.
Paulus, Geraldine L. C.
Wang, Qing Hua
Strano, Michael S.


Üner, Deniz (null; 2017-02-25)
Chemical ionization discharge of N2O for matrix infrared spectroscopic study of isolated anions
Hacaloğlu, Jale; Andrews, Lester (1990-12-01)
A Townsend discharge chemical ionization source has been used for matrix infrared studies of anions in the argon-N20 system. In addition to neutral products, the NO", N02", (NO)f, NN02", and 03" anions have also been isolated. Filtered visible photolysis shows different behaviors for these anions. The two isomers NN02" and (NO)2" have been identified by isotopic substitution and characterized by different 15N and 180 isotopic shifts and different structures. These matrix isolation experiments provide struct...
Chemical Vapour Deposition of Graphene with Re useable Pt and Cu substrates for Flexible Electronics
Karamat, Shumaıla; Sonusen, Selda; Çelik, Ümit; Uysallı, Yiğit; Oral, Ahmet (null; 2015-03-06)
Graphene has gained the attention of scientific world due to its outstanding physical properties. The future demand of flexible electronics such as solar cells, light emitting diodes, photo-detectors and touch screen technology requires more exploration of graphene properties on flexible substrates. The most interesting application of graphene is in organic light emitting diodes (OLED) where efforts are in progress to replace brittle indium tin oxide (ITO) electrode with a flexible graphene electrode becaus...
Chemical vapor generation of Cd and on-line preconcentration on a resistively heated W-coil prior to determination by atomic absorption spectrometry using an unheated quartz absorption cell
Cankur, Oktay; Ataman, Osman Yavuz (2007-01-01)
A resistively heated W-coil was used as an on-line trap for preconcentration and reatomization of Cd, using chemical reduction by NaBH4. The collected analyte species were reatomized rapidly and sent to an unheated quartz T-tube absorption cell for AAS measurement. Cadmium is revolatilized from the trap surface as atoms. The experimental parameters were optimized for the highest vapor generation, trapping and reatomization efficiencies. The concentration limit of detection calculated by the 3s of blank solu...
Chemical Interactions of Nano Islandic Graphene Grown on Titanium Dioxide Substrates by Chemical Vapor Deposition
Karamat, S.; Khalique, U.; Usman, Arslan; Javaid, Asad; Oral, Ahmet (2022-03-01)
In this work, direct growth of graphene is carried out on TiO2 (110) substrates by chemical vapor deposition. For few device applications, it is convenient to grow graphene directly on the dielectric substrates rather than metal foil to minimize transfer and surface interface defects. Raman spectrum support graphene growth on TiO2 substrate by exhibiting D and G peaks. Graphene covered the whole TiO2 substrate with few areas where higher growth of carbon atoms occurs. The contrast of SEM images clearly show...
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