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An affordable and reliable assessment of aquatic decomposition: Tailoring the Tea Bag Index to surface waters

Seelen, Laura M. S.
Flaim, Giovanna
Keuskamp, Joost
Teurlincx, Sven
Font, Raquel Arias
Tolunay, Duygu
Frankova, Marketa
Sumberova, Katerina
Temponeras, Maria
Lenhardt, Mirjana
Jennings, Eleanor
Domis, Lisette N. de Senerpont
Litter decomposition is a vital part of the global carbon cycle as it determines not only the amount of carbon to be sequestered, but also how fast carbon re-enters the cycle. Freshwater systems play an active role in the carbon cycle as it receives, and decomposes, terrestrial litter material alongside decomposing aquatic plant litter. Decomposition of organic matter in the aquatic environment is directly controlled by water temperature and nutrient availability, which are continuously affected by global change.