My Dear Monster Friends - Matrix as an Emotionally Rich Generative Design Tool

This paper focuses on the means of integrating emotionally rich associations into the idea generation phase of the design process. Matrix, a generative and evolving design tool developed at METU Department of Industrial Design has been further explored as an emotionally rich idea generation tool in an educational context. The revised exercise has developed into a motivating tool particularly suitable for team creativity, improvisation and co-creation. The outcome also suggested that emotionally rich project themes such as “my dear monster friends” encouraged the generation of more interaction- based design ideas.
Design & Emotion 2010, Chicago


Experience reflection modelling as a generative research method in an educational case for sustainable product design
Turhan, Senem; Doğan, Çağla (2014-01-01)
A generative research method, namely Experience Reflection Modelling (ERM), has been developed aimed at helping students explore and reflect upon design considerations for sustainability in the idea generation phase of a design process. ERM has been integrated into a product design for sustainability project as part of the design education in the Department of Industrial Design at Middle East Technical University. This paper begins by providing an overview of the generative research approach, explaining its...
Transforming and prolonging design lifespans: design education cases for sustainability
Doğan, Çağla (2017-11-10)
This paper aims to present an approach focusing on design education for sustainability through providing two exemplary cases from third-year industrial design projects. The main themes explored in these projects involve personalization via design transformation, adaption and upgrading during design, use and post-use phases. The first project developed and facilitated at Carleton University, the School of Industrial Design mainly addresses the key theme of transformation of LED lighting from indoors to outdo...
Experience reflection modelling (ERM) as a generative research method and student engagement in product design at undergraduate level
Turhan, Senem; Doğan, Çağla; Department of Industrial Design (2013)
Research approaches driven by design thinking have the potential to bridge early stages of design process to idea generation phases in design education. Generative research is emerged from participatory approach which is used at early stages of design process aims to elicit user needs, experiences, expectations and preferences by using generative tools and techniques through helping non-designer participants express their thoughts, feelings, opinions effectively independent of their skills and abilities in ...
Learning by doing in the age of design computation
Oezkar, Mine (2007-01-01)
A design teaching approach of integrating the notions of design thinking and computing in the first year of architectural design education is introduced and discussed. The approach aims to enhance and bring up-to-date the educational practice of "learning by doing" in the first year foundations curriculum. In the studied example, the analytical phases of thinking in a simple design task are systematically and visually recorded. This documentation is incorporated to the design process as a means for the stud...
Learning resources for sustainable design in engineering education
Segalas Coral, Jordi; De Eyto, Adam; Mcmahon, Muireann; Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta; Joore, Peter; Jimenez, Alex; Tejedor Papell, Gemma; Lazzarini, Boris; Crul, Marcel; Çelik, Sine; Martens, Jonas; Wever, Renee (2020-09-24)
This paper presents the results of the Circular Design Project, European project funded by Erasmus+ Knowledge Alliance within the social business and the educational innovation field. The project have three major learning objectives: to increase and improve the learning strategies of Design for Sustainability; To gather and cluster open educational resources in Innovative Design for Sustainability; To train up innovative and entrepreneurial designers in Design for Sustainability. This was achieved through a...
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