Searching for neutral kaons in the ship test beam data

Durhan, Onur
The SHiP experiment at the CERN-SPS is proposed to explore the new physics beyond the Standart Model. While delivering intense proton beam from SPS, SHiP combines several detector technologies with dedicated background rejecting systems to discover new particles and interactions. In order to estimate the background yield from muons, a test beam exposure was done, in July, 2018 at CERN. In addition to muons, V0 decays constitute the major background for the SHiP experiment. Among these, neutral kaon decays, in particular, have the potential to mimic the signal as they have very similar decay topology and final state particles with decays of socalled hidden particles. This thesis work is on the study of KS → π +π − decays using both Monte Carlo simulations and the data collected at the muon flux test beam for SHiP .
Citation Formats
O. Durhan, “Searching for neutral kaons in the ship test beam data,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2020.