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Balanced de novo translocation T(6;7)(p25;q31) and cleft palate as an isolated finding

Balci, S
Aypar, E
Aydın Son, Yeşim
Beksac, MS
Balanced de novo translocation t(6;7)(p25,q31) and cleft palate as an isolated finding: We report a prenatally diagnosed balanced de novo translocation t(6;7)(p25;q31). Physical examination of the baby born at term revealed only a posterior cleft palate. Laboratory examinations and radiologic investigations were found normal. Two years follow-up of the patient showed her mental and motor development was appropriate with her age. Our report is the first observation on balanced de novo translocation t(6;7)(p25;q31) and cleft palate. Association of this translocation and cleft palate has not been reported previously.