Features of new sites designing on quarry fields of the existing open pit mines of Kuzbass

Plotnikov, Eugene
Kolesnikov, Valery
Simkova, Zuzana
Demirel, Nuray
At a number of large open pit mines in Kuzbass, coal production costs have increased due to the deepening of mining operations. In order to reduce them, separate sections of coal mining at the upper horizons are operating or are being designed for mining at low current stripping ratio. For the same purpose, open-pit mining areas at the fields of existing quarries are operated and designed. Examples of such existing and projected areas are: the "Complex Synclinal" area at the Krasnobrodsky surface mine; the "Prirezka" area at the Chernigovsky surface mine; a number open-pit areas at the underground mines; etc. The main factors complicating the involvement in the development of new sites are: the presence of residential areas, industrial buildings and structures near the boundaries of the mining area; power supply lines, transport communications, which limits or excludes the production of mass explosions in the preparation of overburden for excavation; limited size or lack of areas for external dumps at a short distance from the site (in some cases, it is possible to close the mined-out space of the worked-out quarry field). When designing the development of areas characterized by such conditions, it is necessary to consider the application of new technical and technological solutions.
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E. Plotnikov, V. Kolesnikov, Z. Simkova, and N. Demirel, “Features of new sites designing on quarry fields of the existing open pit mines of Kuzbass,” 2020, vol. 174, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/70042.